AFE Feature Film Program

We are a small group of independent actors and filmmakers. That means we all work in front of and behind the camera to take control of our careers. We finished principal photography on our first feature scheduled to be released this winter and are starting on our second feature. We are located in Las Vegas and utilize professional equipment provided by the Nevada Nonprofit corporation “Actors Film Ensemble” who pays all the bills. All actors have a say in everything from securing the script to marketing. We work with actors that understand that it takes time and a lot of hard work to make a great film and are willing to be cast in 2-3 or more feature films per year.  These films are written for our actors.

Every actor shares in all profits but does not pay for anything. Outside actors are sometimes cast when needed. Every actor votes on when and if to bring in another actor. This is a family that is not interested in divisive politics or ideology. We only want to make movies of many different genres that everyone will enjoy.

Once you are accepted into the AFE you become part of the group that focuses on feature films that will appeal to a large audience. We shoot on Saturdays and Sundays only. Our movies will be reasonably designed to receive a G, PG, PG13, or R rating. We will not shoot MA or adult material of any kind. Not interested in musicals, documentaries, or music videos. All films will be submitted to festivals and IMDB. A full marketing plan will be voted on by the team. All profits are shared and the team votes on the process. There is not even a producer cut.  All profits go to cast and crew.


* Talent
* Actors with Saturday and Sunday available to shoot 2- 3 feature films per year
* 18 years or older
* Live in Las Vegas
* Approval by the group to be added to the AFE
* Must have Saturdays and Sundays open for 8-10 weeks for a film

Click the link below to submit for an audition.

Audition to Join The AFE