Character Development

Coming Soon Character Development Building a character starts before you learn even a single line.  Find out the steps and the right way to build your character.   Workshop Votes

Power Acting

Coming Soon Power Acting and the  Reflex Mind We all want acting to come naturally.  To not have to think about it and for it to flow like water.  This should be every actors strength, but for most actors it is a serious challenge.  Join us and see what you can do to work on… Continue reading Power Acting

Breaking The Ice

Coming Soon New or even experience actors have many fears and concerns about getting in front of an audience.  They lock up, can’t get into the character, forget lines and much more. This workshop will help put you on the road to making sure this does not happen to you. Workshop Votes


Coming Soon Branding – not what most actors think Branding is not what most actors think. You don’t brand yourself It’s not character type It’s what gets you cast It’s what build a career Agents can’t give it to you Find out what it is an attend this workshop Workshop Votes

Surrendering to yourself

Coming Soon Surrendering to Yourself This is an advance class for students with a strong understanding of the four surrender principles that proceed this one.  Actors will only be admitted with the permission of the coach. Surrender to the other actor Surrender to the audience Surrender to the creative environment Surrender to the project and/or… Continue reading Surrendering to yourself