Now Casting

Feature Film

Attractive Female 18-30 years old

Any race
2-4 day shoot
$150 per day guaranteed at least 2 day shot

Copy & Credit
Will be shot in late October to Late November on Saturdays and Sundays only

Movie Summary

A science fiction film about people trapped by powers we do not understand. One person is in charge of the trap but they themselves are trapped as well. This is the second feature in the series with the first film scheduled for release before the end of the year.

Character summary

She is a confident but heartless. Has no problem killing, torturing, etc. The film is anticipated to receive a “R” rating from the MPAA.

After submission you will immediately receive a monologue to prepare. You can film the monologue post it on youtube and send us the link, or schedule a Zoom audition. You will only have 7 days to complete the audition as we are currently filming.

Audition for supporting role in feature film