Written by

Ryan O’Harris

Hello, ladies.  So you all consider yourself to be on the cutting edge of  modern day feminism?  My ad said I was looking for strong, independent, motivated women to help me take the movement to the next step.  I seriously doubt any of you know what it really means to be a feminist.  I was there when it all started.  I am not talking about the modern popular movement which started in May of 1968 when you all started to read again.  I’m not talking about burning bras, glass ceilings, right to work, right to fight, or any of those things.  I was there when the first woman dared to say she would not be subservient to a man in bed.  That was not a few decades ago, in the last century, or even millenniums ago.  It was in the beginning of time when, as you believe, there was only one man and one woman.  You called them Adam and Eve.  But, not surprisingly, you were all wrong.  I was there as well.  I am the one Christians called the serpent. Jews almost got it right, but later I was seen as some sort of vampire.  I am, I have always been, and I will always be Lilith, the first daughter of God himself.  Though I am not certain my dad would be thrilled with my life choices.   No, I am not a vampire, nor am I a witch or anything like that.  I don’t drink blood as that is disgusting especially given all the horrible practices you all have adopted in life.  I am a succubus.  That means I consume the very life source of man and occasionally a woman if she strikes my fancy.  My form of feminism is absolute.  I take who I want, where I want to, and whenever I feel like it.  I am not subject to rules, laws, or even morality.  No man or woman can resist me. When I am done with them, they are done as well.  Sex is fun, and certainly I enjoy myself, but in the end it is just as fun to watch my, shall we say, lovers start with the moans of passion and end with the screams of pain.  So, you are all probably wondering why you are here.  It’s really very simple. Some of you will be lunch, but one of you will become my bride.   What?  Even  an evil succubus needs someone in her life to take care of the little things.   I will be leaving now.  Remember, only one of you will survive, and that is the one that is alive when I come back.  Didn’t your mom tell you that sometimes you had to fight for your man — in this case woman?


She exits.



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